Triamp guitar/synth rig

Triamp synth rig.001A really powerful setup, this and as with all my rigs, quick to set up – three minutes.  It relies on the Blackstar for its core guitar tones, so it’s rather better for rock than blues.

All three amps accept midi patch change instructions, so it can go from a full triamped wet/dry/wet guitar sound to a stereo synth patch with a single tap of the foot.

The GR55 synth’s expression control governs volume for all patches and with its toe switch engaged, the key parameter for each patch, like speed for the Leslie patch for example.

Like any midi rig, it demands a bit of programming and getting patch levels right is tricky, but the upfront effort pays back in use.

It also takes regular guitars now that I’ve had an extra jack input and buffer installed in the GR55, making it even more flexible.

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