’64 Guild Economy M20

Ah the stuff of dreams. My hero Nick Drake played one of these, hence my acquiring the D25M. After over thirty years of looking, I found mine, bought sight unseen via ebay.

I couldn’t believe what a sweet, intimate voice it has when I first played it. It weighs nothing, sounds beautiful and plays great.

The nice case it came in is not original and now houses my Russ Wootton mahogany S12 model.

A fortnight after the M20 landed, I found a matching original case going cheap on ebay. It cost more to ship to UK than it did to buy, so the guitar is now reunited with the right case. (The latches of which are the smoothest of any of my cases, but perhaps that’s getting a bit anal…).

It was quite a Nick Drake week. I also acquired the original inner sleeve photography for his first album, Five Leaves Left. I notice his three albums on original early labels now command very high prices amongst collectors. Nope, I’m not selling them either!

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