60’s Jen Repeater

Until fairly recently, I had no stompboxes. That’s because I preferred to rely on amps for most of my overdriven sounds, and racks can do time-domain effects as well or better, and more consistently than than floor-mounted metal boxes. This personal view led me to programme rack devices and switch them via midi for a long time.

’60s Jen Repeat Percussion unit

This box was an exception. When I was at school one of the other kids had a funny-shaped Vox guitar with onboard effects – bass, mid and treble boost, fuzz and ‘repeat percussion’. I really envied that guitar and especially the ‘repeat percussion effect, which sounds like a tremolo with a sharp square-ish wave.

Years later I found out its name – a Vox Marauder, immortalised by Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker, who plays one (http://www.voxguitar.net/gpage5.html). I got near to buying one when UK guitar guru Paul Day told me that I didn’t need to buy one of these pretty crappy guitars to get the effect as it had also been offered as an outboard plug-in.

A few well-chosen emails later and I had the choice of an original Vox one or a Jen. Both were made by the British Jennings Electrical Company, so I opted for the Jen. It’s a unique effect, if used sparingly, and hard to replicate accurately even with powerful modern kit.

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