’89-91 Charvel Spectrums


The Seven Spectrums & their stand

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  1. Gary says:

    my roommate has a spectrum from 1989-91….model #326947…the metallic blue finish…excellent condition…
    Do you know the date of manufacture and ballpark value in todays market?

  2. Rockbeare says:

    From my site :

    The earliest of these have jackson-branded Floyd Rose trems (adjustable from behind), no back rout for bending up and no scalloping around the neck plate on the rear to give better access to high notes. The more common later models have a Jackson-licensed trem unit (adjustable from the top), trem routs for upward bends and scalloping around the neck plate to aid access to the upper frets. To my knowledge, this is the only way of dating them as the serial numbers on the neck plates are not sequential.

    Current value in good, original condition, UK£500.

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