Brian Moore

’94 Brian Moore MC/1

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  1. Paul Gibson says:

    I have a Brian Moore MC/1 for sale, I’m not sure what value to put on it – Serial No. 122 – flamed top in pristine condition any I paid £1800 for it any comments gratefully accepted

  2. Rockbeare says:

    Thanks for your query, Paul. I assume from your currency that you are in UK like me. The answer is difficult because these guitars may be good, but they’re unusual, not well-known except amongst synth players, and don’t appeal to British guitarists’ innate conservatism. So I would guess that you will be lucky to see much over £1500 for it unless you find a fellow enthusiast which may take time that you don’t have.

    Mine is #141, so I’m guessing that, like me back in the day, you or a previous owner may have bought yours new from Crane’s in Cardiff, who were the UK importer and had the first shipment of four. In which case I’ve played it but chose my grey hardtail. Good luck anyway and best wishes.

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