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10 Responses to Freekish Blues Alpha Drive controversy

  1. jeff makor says:

    I completely agree. I bought and played both and if i wished to modify the joyo, I’d always be wondering if everything was indeed done. It has all the hallmarks of a modification of the Joyo, but if I want any pedal done professionally, I’d send to Analogueman or keeley. They don’t always change the cosmetics but charge for professional work to be carried out to give the customer what they actually want.
    There, not unlike you, i was happy to purchase the Alpha and it is a superb overdrive and more suited to my kind of playing. It’s full of sweet spots and the subtle adjustments over the joyo won’t diminish Joyos sales at all. if anything, they will benefit by all the fuss made on the web. So, if you’re happy to pay for the upgraded overdrive, buy it and don’t look back. it’s superb.

  2. Rockbeare says:

    Thanks, Jeff, glad you agree. I gigged my ’73 tele through the Alpha Drive at a blues gig the other night and it was just fab. Mind you, so was my clean boosted sound via my Keeley Java Boost. Pity about my playing, tho! Season’s best, keep enjoying the Alpha….

  3. Mike says:

    I picked up a Joyo Ultimate Drive and I’m astonished at how well it works with single-coil guitars. I play a strat through it and it somehow is able to “beef up” the tone while still retaining the strat sound. It really does sound nice. It has way more gain than I’ll ever need, I normally keep it around 9:00. I do not own the other pedal shown here, but it looks like they modified the circuit slightly and purchased a bunch of metal boxes from Joyo.

  4. Rockbeare says:

    Thanks for this post – I agree with you. The Joyo is a fabulous pedal at any price, but for

  5. Dave Banman says:

    I just opened up my Joyo Ultimate Drive, took out the board, and the board is clearly labelled as Freekish Blues Alpha Drive II. I thought it was usually the alpha drive that had a joyo labelled board?

  6. Rockbeare says:

    Weird! Did you buy it from new, or could someone have tampered before it reached you?

    I’ll be really interested in what the Alpha Drive forum trolls have to say about this!

  7. ufo says:

    The “Alpha Drive trolls” let this issue die a long time ago. So should you.

  8. Rockbeare says:

    It takes one to know one, mate. fuck off and bother someone else.

  9. Snakebite says:

    The Alpha drive is a precise copy of the joyo ultimate drive V1! The one in the picture is V2 (after 2009). The mods that freekish blues dit was making the range of the 3 pots different by putting some resistors on the pots. And a change of 1 cap. Complete copy and even the same pcb with the joyo brand on it! Under the gray goop!

  10. Paul says:

    The pedals are exactly the same. Exactly. The. Same.

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