VHT Special 6 Ultra head and 1×12 cab

This is relatively new product from the VHT reformed after founder Steven Freyette’s departure to form his own boutique amp company.

Designed in US and made in China, it’s a 6-watt all tube amp with an extra input overdrive stage, tube-drive fx loop and interesting tone shaping.


It sounds great and enables real power amp overdrive and feel at manageable volume.  And it was really value – ca.UK£230. I can’t put it down!


I’ve rehearsed with my Blackstar 1-watter and it was ok but not quite powerful enough. This is perfect.   I think it would be ok for some smaller/quieter gigs too…

2 Responses to VHT Special 6 Ultra head and 1×12 cab

  1. Jack says:

    Ola, you’re a really brilnialt guitarist. You prove that the gear doesn’t really matter and that knoledge and pratice are far more important. Here my question, it’s not specificaly related to the HT-5 I would like to know how do you avoid string noise with saturated and brutal sounds. When I play a fast succession chord, i try to lift my fingers but sometimes i really need to slide my fingers and, sometimes that make that shhh sound

  2. Rockbeare says:

    There’s no secret, it’s just practice. I studied with Shaun Baxter for quite a while, and he showed me that with high gian, you must use every available part of both hands to mute unwanted string noise. Good luck/happy playing.

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