Russ Wootton

I met Russ accidentally a few years a go and we found we had a lot in common. Not least that he makes fabulous smaller-bodied acoustic guitars with classical style-neck joins that make the instruments much more responsive to picking dynamics.

They have rosewood fingerboards and the necks are reinforced with non-adjustable steel t-profile bars. He offers larger and more ornate models, but I prefer the very sparsely-styled ones.

have four so far – my original spruce and rosewood S12 model; a matching 12-string, the only 12-string he’s made and the source of much greying of hair; an all-mahogany S12 model and the even smaller spruce and maple parlour model, again his only one so far.

They all electrify well with a Fishman soundhole pickup and record well, especially the all-mahogany one. All are as new with Hiscox fitted hard cases, though I house the mahogany one in the case which my Guild M20 arrived in as fits and looks great. Russ is truly a hidden treasure.

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