~’59 ‘Foreign’ Archtop

A neighbour was about to downsize house and move away from the area. He found this in his roofspace and very kindly dropped it off the day before he left. It was pretty filthy and the action can’t be adjusted to play well, so initially I thought I’d keep it for decoration.

But then I cleaned it up and discovered how great it is for acoustic and, with the hot little neck-mounted Kent Armstrong mini-humbucker, electric, slide playing.

I’ve only been able to find one shot of anything close to this, which is from a page of an early sixties Ibanez catalogue on an early page in the Ibanez book. Antoria guitars were often made by the same (Fuji Gen Gakki) factory in those early days.

Reference to the excellent Antoria web site indicates that guitars with this legend are called ‘foreign’ by enthusiasts, after the small ‘foreign’ decal on the headstock.  Further insights most welcome…

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